Aisha Rosalie Age, Wiki, Bio, Husband, Net Worth & More

Aisha Rosalie Age, Wiki, Husband, Wiki, Income

Aisha Rosalie is a British Youtuber. She became very popular after she converting to Islam. You may know about Islam (2nd most popular religion in the world). Recently married also. So let’s know more about her and her journey to Muslim women. Let’s know more about Aisha Rosalie Age, Wiki, Bio, Husband, Net Worth & More

Early Life

Aisha Rosalie was born on the 6th of June in the year 1994 ( which describes that Aisha Rosalia’s age was 28 years as of 2022) in Manchester, England. Aisha belonged to a middle-class family. Her father was a teacher and her mother was running a shop near their home. She is the only daughter of their parents. Aisha was complete her schooling at a private school and move to London for her higher studies. She also has a bachelor’s degree in medicine. Her father and mother’s name was unknown for now. But we will put the update here.


Aisha Rosalie was complete her schooling at a private school. She also has a bachelor’s degree in medicine. She got a job when she was completing her higher studies in London, England. She did her job in a private hospital for 2 years. After doing her job for long 2 years, she left that job when she realizes that she got a deep interest in acting. You may also like to know about Reymen (a Turkish Singer)

She decided to move to LA, United States of America, and trained herself to become an actor. At this time, she also did some acting and some directing as well. Then she thought that she should visit at least 2-4 countries. She starts searching on google to visit some best places in the world. Then she found details about the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Currently, she starts traveling and start making videos. She starts posting videos on YouTube on the 23rd of July in the year 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. Currently, she has more than 500k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts videos related to Islam and Islam converting stories. Because she is now a Muslim. She was doing YouTube full time and choose it as a career.


Aisha Rosalie was born on the 6th of June in the year 1994 in Manchester which describes that Aisha Rosalie’s age was 28 years as of 2022. His father was a teacher and he did his job near his home. Currently, he was retired from his work. Aisha’s mother was running a shop near their home and her father was helping her mom in their shop. Aisha belonged to a middle-class family. She got a degree in medicine but she has a deep interest in acting and directing for the ages.

Aisha Rosalie was married now and she lives in the UK with her husband. Her husband’s name was Sultan and he was a Pakistani by nationality. Aisha Rosalia doesn’t have any baby from Sultanas of now in 2021. They both live in the UK. Aisha has a very nice shape body. Her body measurements are 34-28-36. Her breast size was 34 inches and her Bra Size was 34B. Aisha’s waist size was 36 inches. Her height was about 5 feet 8 inches long and her weight is about 51 kg. Her hair color was blonde and her eye color was brown like most of the British.


Aisha Rosalie was also found easily on social media platforms like most celebrities and YouTubers. Aisha was very active on her social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. She put regular updates on her Instagram stories. Do follow her on her Instagram for more live updates about her daily life from Aisha Rosalie. She has more than 150k+ subscribers on her YouTube channel and has more than 60k+ followers on her Instagram account.

Islam Convert Story

Aisha Rosalie was British by her nationality. Like most of the British, Aisha also doesn’t follow any religion. One day she decided to visit some countries. Turkey was first on her list. Then she came to Istanbul, Turkey. She visits the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. She was very nervous. She has seen that the mosque was so clean and very beautiful. She saw any place like this.

It was very silent and the peoples are praying, reading Quran, etc. She wears a hijab also which she bought from the local market. Because doesn’t want to show her hair in public. Aisha Rosalia was bought a piece of The Holy Quran from the Blue mosque and start reading the Quran after coming back to her hotel.

The Quran was in English so it is easy to read the Qur’an. She came back to her home in the UK and reading the Holy book for 3-4 months. Then she decided to announce her Shada through her YouTube channel. 

Net Worth

Aisha Rosalie was not earning a big amount of money. But she also able to earn a little bit amount of money from Google Adsense through her YouTube videos. She earns about $1000 – $5000 every month. Besides this, her main goal is to give Dawah through her channel. Now can calculator the net amount of Aisha Rosalia’s Net Worth. Aisha Rosalie’ Net Worth is about $500k as of now.