Annu Sia Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Income

Annu Sia Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Income

Annu Sia is a Bhutanese YouTuber from Kencho, Bhutan. She was known for her extraordinary videos on YouTube. Basically, she makes travel vlogs to encourage other girls in India, Bhutan, Nepal, and other countries to travel around the world. Annu was also able to travel to some countries during the pandemic situation. Let’s know more about her…

Early Life

Annu Sia was born on the 21st of February in the year 1993 in Kencho. Her father was an Insurance agent and her mother was a housewife. They live in Kencho, Bhutan with their family. Annu’s father’s name was Jai Sia and her mother’s name was Shaanti Sia. Annu completed her schooling from English medium school in Kencho and after completing her schooling, she moved to Thimphu for her higher studies. During the 2nd year of her studies, she found herself a very deep interest in traveling.  Also, Read Aisha Rosalie Biography.


Annu Sia was a very frank girl and she wants to become a lecturer as her parents also want her to be a lecturer in Thimphu. But Annu was getting a very deep interest in traveling when she was in the 2nd year of her higher studies. She became motivated after watching videos of a very popular Indian YouTuber Nomad Shubham videos. After completing her higher education, she got a job in Dubai. At this time she was started traveling during her job.

Finally, Annu started traveling around the world and started following her passion. Annu also created a YouTube channel where upload regular videos about traveling and vlogs of her lifestyle. Currently, she has more than 50k+ subscribers on her channel and she was getting a very good response from her audience. She has now decided to follow her passion and choose YouTube as her career option.


Like other celebrities and YouTubers, Annu Sia was also found easily on social media platforms where put regular updates about her life and traveling around the world. She was very active on her social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Do follow her on her social media accounts for more live updates from Annu Sia.


Annu Sia started her YouTube channel very recently and she hasn’t much audience like subscribers and viewers. But she started earning money from her YouTube videos by monetizing it with the YouTube partner program. Besides this, Annu’s main source of earning was from her job. Yes, She did a job in a company as a social media manager where she managed the official social accounts of that company. Annu Sia’s income was not revealed officially. But we will put the updates here when we got the exact amount officially.