Anthony Gugliotta Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Net Worth

Anthony Gugliotta Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Net Worth

Anthony Gugliotta is a Canadian YouTuber living in Toronto with his GF Becca. Anthony is a designer and a creative photographer by profession. He was an expert in storytelling and visuals on the internet.Mainly, he created shorts for his YouTube channel where he has more than 100k+ subscribers. Lets know more about Anthony Gugliotta Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Net Worth & more…

Real Name Anthony Gugliotta
Nick Name Anthony 
Age 26 Years
Profession YouTuber, Designer, Creative Visuals
Home Canada
Live in Toronto
GF Becca Kelly
Education Bachelors in Visuals & Designing
University Toronto University


Early Life

Anthony Gugliotta was born on 3rd of November in the year1996 in a small village in Canada. His father was a businessman and ran their own hardware shop in Canada. Anthony’s mother was a housewife and they all live together in their home. Besides this Anthony has one older brother and he was now working in their shop with his dad.

Anthony Gugliotta completed his schooling from a private school in his village. After completing his early education, he moved to Toronto for his higher studies. He got admission in Toronto University where he studies Visuals and designing. 


Anthony Gugliotta holds a bachelor degree in designing and visuals from Toronto University. When Anthony was admitted, he tried in a marketing company for a part time job and he got it. He did that job for 2 years. When he was in the 3rd year of his studies, he left that job and joined another company where work as a designer. Finally, Anthony completed his bachelors and got a job for full time. You may also like to read Davud Akhundzada wiki.

Anthony Gugliotta got a job in a visuals company where he worked as an assistant manager. He had enough knowledge in it. He did that for 4 years now. During his 2nd day of his job, he got an idea about making videos of his works. Then he started a YouTube channel on his own name and started posting videos on it regularly. Currently he has more than 100k+ subscribers and he is also making money through it. Now Anthony Gugliotta was doing a job and following his passion for making videos at the same time.


Name Anthony Gugliotta
Father Erik Gugliotta
Mother Elizabeth Gugliotta
Brother Blad Gugliotta
Sister N/A
Girlfriend Becca Kelly
Body Measurements 36-30-15
Chest Size 36 Inches
Waist Size 30 Inches
Biceps 15 Inches
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color  Brown


Anthony Gugliotta belonged to an upper-middle class family in Canada. His father’s name was Erik Gugliotta and he was a businessman. He runs his own hardware shop in their village in Canada. Anthony’s mother’s name was Elizabeth Gugliotta and she is a housewife. Besides this, Anthony has an older brother and his name was Blad Gugliotta and he worked in their shop in Canada. You may also like to read Kanan Badalov wiki.

Anthony Gugliotta was an unmarried guy and he was dating a girl and her name was Becca Kelly. He dated her for 4 years now. They both fall in love during their college time. Because they study together in Toronto University  in Canada. Anthony Gugliotta was very serious about fitness and running. He runs every day and after running he workout everyday in his home. He lives with his GF Becca. Anthony’s body measurements are 36-30-15. His chest size was 36 inches and his waist size was 30 inches. Anthony’s biceps size was 15 inches. His eye color was brown and his hair color was also brown. Whitee is the ethnicity of Anthony Gugliotta.

Social Media

Social Media is now very popular and it is the daily routine of our daily life these days. Like most of the celebrities and YouTubers, Anthony Gugliotta was also found easily on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and on Twitter. Anthony has more than 100k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel and has more than 102k+ followers on his Instagram where he posts regular videos and photos to interact with his audience. He also posts behind the scenes of his videos on his Instagram. Make sure you follow him on his Instagram for more such updates from Anthony Gugliotta.

Net Worth

Salary $2800/month
Income $5k/month
Net Worth $500k+
Phone Number 256175***
Whatsapp 25617****
Email N/A
Address Toronto, Canada


Anthony Gugliotta was a corporate person. But he was doing his job and making videos for his YouTube channel at the same time. He works in a private company in Toronto as a visual editor and designer. Anthony was also doing freelancing during his free time. His salary was $2800 from his job which he was doing full time in Toronto. But Anthony’s main source of income was generated from his YouTube channel where he has more than 100k+ subscribers. He makes $5000 every month from his YouTube channel. Besides this, Anthony was also making money from his Instagram account where he has more than 102k+ followers from all around the world. He posts paid posts, videos and stories for brands to make extra income. Anthony Gugliotta net worth is about $500K+.