Chaos Causes Biography, Age, Wiki, GF, Income

Chaos Causes Biography, Age, Wiki, GF, Income

Chaos Causes is a British YouTuber all the way from the United Kingdom. He is a moto vlogger and also a daily lifestyle vlogger. He is famous for his bike videos on YouTube and all are related to bikes and motors. Let’s get deep into it…

Early Life

Chaos Causes was born on the 9th of February in the year 1998 in Manchester, England. He belonged to a middle-class family. His father’s name was John Causes and he is a businessman. He runs a small hardware shop in Manchester. Chaos’s mother’s name was Duarte Causes and she is a housewife. Chaos Causes was completed his schooling at a government primary school in manchester. After completing his schooling, he joined Manchester University where he studies Mechanical Engineering.


Chaos Causes was an engineer by his profession. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. After completing his degree from Manchester University, he got a job in Manchester city. He works in a private company where works as a machine designer. The company was only making engines of the motorbikes. You may also like to read Goth Egg Biography.

He left his job after doing 2 years of jobs in that private company. When he was in the 1st year of his job, he was decided to create a YouTube channel where he uploads videos about motorbikes. Finally, he creates his YouTube channel on the 27th of December in the year 2015. But he was not able to upload videos regularly.

Later, he uploads regular videos on his YouTube channel. Currently, he has more than 130k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. He was now doing YouTube full time and choose YouTube as his career option.


Chaos Causes was now unmarried as he was not told in any of his videos on YouTube. Chaos was born on the 9th of February in the year 1998 which describes that his age was 23 years as of 2021. He completes high school in manchester and he also holds a bachelor’s degree from Manchester University in Mechanical Engineering.

His father’s name was John Chaos and his mother’s name is Duarte Chaos. His father was a businessman and he ran a small hardware shop in the street of manchester. His mother was a housewife and she managed all the work in their home. Chaos Causes has not no siblings.


Social media is now very common and everyone was using it. Like others, Chaos Causes was also on social media platforms and you will also found him easily. He was very active on his social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. He has more than 130k subscribers on his YouTube channel and has more than 8k followers on his Instagram account. Do follow him on his Instagram account for more live updates from Chaos Causes directly. Because he uploads regular posts and stories on his Instagram.


Chaos Causes was earning a very good amount of money from his works. As he left his job from his company, he doesn’t earn from his job now. His main source of income was generated from his youtube channel by ad revenue. He earns about $400 to $1800 every month from YouTube ad revenue. Besides this, he also earned from selling his services to his customers and audience also. He was also earning from Instagram by promoting brands. He earns about $1500 to $3000 from this. Now you can guess the actual amount of his earning.