Counting Miles (Mr Sinha) Biography, Height, Age, GF, Net Worth

Counting Miles (Mr Sinha) Biography, Height, Age, GF, Net Worth, Weight, Girlfriend, Home, father, Mother, Income, Education, Age

A guy From Kolkata Counting aka Mr. Sinha was known for his beautiful and creative videos on YouTube. He has more than 60k+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. He was from Kolkata, India and start his journey to Laddakh. let know more about Counting Miles aka Mr. Sinha…

Early Life

Sinha was born on the 2nd of April in the year 1995 in a small village in West Bengal. He starts his schooling from a municipal school in his village. After completing his schooling from a municipal school, he starts his 12th in a Private college. Then after his 12th studies, he starts his higher studies in private undertaking college. He chooses B.Tech after his 12th studies. He was now in his 3rd year of higher studies ina private college.


Sinha was in 3rd year of his B.Tech studies. He chooses engineering as his career option. But he was doing YouTube for his passion. Youtube was just a part-time of his career says Mr. Sinha. he was now very popular for his beautiful and creative videos.
Riding a bike was his passion and it is in his blood. When he was in the 2nd year of his higher studies, he was inspired by the most popular YouTuber and biker MSK Vlogs. Finally, he created his YouTube channel on the 21st of October in the year 2017 and start posting videos on his channel.

he has more than 60k+ Subscribers on his YouTube channel. Recently he started his journey to the most dangerous area Ladakh and it was the dream of all bikers and moto vloggers. It is a very good decision for his channel. After starting his journey to Laddakh, he starts posting more videos on his channel. Now he was got enough views and subscribers also. Check Lana Rhoades Biography.

Net Worth

Counting Miles aka Mr. Singha was earning much amount of money from his social work. Sinha’s main source of earning was from Google Adsense through his YouTube channel. He has more than 60K+ subscribers on his channel and he got very nice views on his videos. He earns about $300 – $550 per month. Besides this, he also earned from brand sponsorships and partnerships. His Net Worth is about more than $5000 -$6000.


Sinha was in the 3rd year of his higher studies of B.Tech. He was not married yet and he was not dating anyone else. If he starts dating anyone, we will put the updates here. Counting Miles’s Height was about 5 Feet 4 Inches and his Weight is about 60 Kg. His Hair Color was Black and his Eye Color was also Black like most of the Indians.

Sinha was a Hindu person and his parents were also belongs to a Hindu family. He lives in Kolkata with his family. Sinha’s Age was 25 years as of 2020. His Zodiac sing was a virgin. he loves to ride bikes.


Sinha has some most interesting facts, let’s know more about him. Riding bikes and exploring new places were some of his favorite hobbies. He loves to read books and playing cricket with friends. Thailand and Singapore were the favorites places of Sinha. He was decided that he was going to Thailand and Singapore by bike very soon when he has more than 1 million+ subscribers.


Like most people, Sinha was also using social media platforms. He was found in most of the social media platforms and he was very active on his social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Do follow him on his social media for more live updates from Counting Miles.