Gauravzone Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Networth

Gauravzone Biography, Wiki, Age, GF, Networth


Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone known for his extraordinary videos on YouTube and some other social media platforms. The man who created his own personality from 0 to Hero with the help of social media. Gaurav was a YouTuber by profession from the heart of Delhi, India. Know more and some unknown facts about your favorite YouTuber Gaurav Sharma aka Gaurav Zone.

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Early Life

Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone was born on the 2nd of October in the year 1991 in Delhi, India. He belonged to a middle-class family. His father was doing a job in the private sector. Gaurav’s mom was a housewife like most of the mothers in India. Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone was complete his schooling at a government municipal school.

When Gaurav complete his school in Delhi, he was decided to complete his higher studies in Bachelors of commerce. That’s why he chooses commerce on the 12th. He also completes his higher studies from Delhi. Then after he started working out in a private company. Then he decided to do an MBA. Finally, he got admission in an MBA college.

YouTube Career

When Gaurav Sharma was doing an MBA somewhere in Delhi, he was inspired by a YouTuber by watching his videos continuously. Then was decided to start a YouTube channel and create videos for YouTube. That time, Gaurav doesn’t know that he can earn money on YouTube.

Finally, he created his YouTube channel on the 21st of August in the year 2013 and started posting videos on YouTube. He doesn’t know how to vlog and how to edit and what to say in front of a camera. Then he started exploring YouTube about it and start making more and more creative videos for his YouTube channel.

At first, he was not getting many views on his videos but he was giving up and continuously make videos. Then after some time his channel was start growing and now, he has more than 2.6 million+ subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Gaurav Sharma was an MBA by education. But he was doing YouTube as professionally and choose for his career option. Because YouTube gives him the name, fame everything that he wants in his life. Currently, he was doing YouTube as a career option. If he doesn’t want to continue youtube, then it’s his own personal matter.


Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone was currently unmarried and he was not dating anyone else officially. If he was dating someone, he doesn’t reveal it officially throughout his videos or any other social media platforms. Gaurav’s Age was 29 years (as in 2020) according to his birthday in 1991. His Height was about 5 feet 11 inches and his weight is about 81Kg. Gaurav’s Hair Color was black like most of the Indians and his eye color was also Black.

Besides this, Gaurav has a very nice shape the body. His Body Measurements are 41-36-16. His Chest size was 41 inches and his Waist Size was 36 Inches. He has 16 inches of biceps. Recently Gaurav has started gyming. He also creates a video with the most famous and popular YouTuber Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast.


Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone was also seen on social media and he was very active on his social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. He always put stories on his social media accounts. Do follow him on his social media accounts for more live updates from your favorite YouTuber Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone.

He has more than a 2.6million+ subscribers on his YouTube channel. On Instagram, he has more than 350k+ followers. He was also on Twitter and Facebook as well. He has also put videos on Facebook and Instagram.


Gaurav Sharma aka Gauravzone was a very famous and popular YouTuber in India. He has more than 2.6 million+ subscribers on YouTube. He earns from the YouTube partner program. His main source of earning was from Google Adsense through his YouTube channel by joining the YouTube partner program. He earns about $1800 – $2500/month.

Besides this, he also earned from brand promotion and partnerships with the brands. He has joined a socio Influencer company which helps him to get brands and promotions. He earns about $5000 – $7000/month from Brand partnerships and promotions. Now you can guess the actual amount of Gaurav’s NetWorth.