Sanna Chahal (kitkat_sanna) Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Income

By | August 16, 2021

Sanna Chahal (kitkat_sanna) Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Income

Sanna Chahal is an Indian TikTok star and she was also on Instagram reels. She became very popular on social media platforms for her sexy and very nice reels. Let’s know more about her…

Early Life

Sanna Chahal was born on the 3rd of March year 1996 in Jammu. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a housewife. Sanna Chahal has completed her schooling at a government school in Jammu. After completing her schooling, her parents moved to Punjab. Sanna Chahal started her college studies in Punjab. Besides this, she has one younger brother and his name is Rahul Chahal. Also, read Goth Egg Wiki.


Sanna Chahal has completed her schooling at a government school in Jammu. She joined a government college in Punjab when her parents moved to Punjab. When she was in the 2nd year of her degree, she started making videos on TikTok. Initially, she was going average. Then after some time, she was getting popular on TikTok and now she has more than 5million+ followers on TikTok.

TikTok was now banned in India and Sanna Chahal was unable to make videos on TikTok. At this time, Instagram introduces reels, like TikTok. Sanna Chahal was now making videos for Instagram reels now. She has more than 400k+ followers on her Instagram account. Now she has brands that help her to make money. Sanna Chahal was doing modeling also and social media was now her career. Check Karan Singh Nayyar Biography.


Sanna Chahal was now unmarried and she was engaged with the Indian Instagram model. But she did not reveal his name officially. Sanna Chahal was very beautiful as you can also see on Instagram and various other social media platforms. Sanna Chahal belonged to a middle-class family. Her father’s name was Raj Duggal Chahal and he is a farmer. Sanna Chahal’s mother’s name was Namrata Chahal and she was a housewife. Sanna Chahal has one younger brother and his name is Rahul Chahal. Rahul was doing his studies at Punjab College.

Sanna Chahal was looking very sexy. She loves to work out because she wants to look extra hot in her videos on Instagram reels. Her body measurements are 36-32-36. She has 36 inches of breast and 32 inches of the waist. Sanna Chahal’s hips were 36 inches. Her hair color was black and her eye color was brown. Sanna Chahal’s Bra Size was 36 inches.


Social media is the key to Sanna Chahal’s success story. She was known for her videos on social media platforms. She was also found on some other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. She was highly active on her Instagram where she has more than 400k+ followers. Do follow her on her Instagram for more updates from Sanna Chahal.


Sanna Chahal’s main source of income was generated from brand sponsorships. She makes money by creating sponsor posts and swipe-ups through her Instagram stories to get paid by the brands directly. Besides this, she also makes money from affiliate marketing by sharing her affiliate links with her audience which helps her to make money. She will be able to make $300 – $1200 every month from her works on social media.