Laxmi Joshi (Pilotlaxmi) Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Income

Laxmi Joshi (Pilotlaxmi) Biography, Wiki, Age, BF, Income


Laxmi Joshi is a pilot and Instagram star all the way from Delhi, India. She is known for her Instagram reels and you also search about her. Let’s know more about this Indian pilot Laxmi Joshi…

Early Life

Laxmi Joshi was born on 4th May in the year 1991 in Haryana, India. She belonged to a Hindu family. Her father was a RI in Haryana and her mother was a housewife like most of the Indians. Laxmi has two younger brothers. Laxmi Joshi completed her schooling at Delhi Public school in Haryana. After completing her schooling, she moved to Delhi for her higher studies. After completing her higher studies at JNU, she moved to the US for her aviation studies in Washington DC. You may also like to read  Leah Gotti Biography.


Laxmi Joshi holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. After completing her higher education from JNU, she moved to the US where she studies aviation in Washington DC. When she completed her aviation studies, she joined a private company where she does her training and after that, she came back to India and joined Air India as a pilot. Now she was flying the B777 flight of Air India.

Besides this, she was also working on Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. She became very popular on Instagram reels now. She posts regular videos on Instagram reels. She has more than 400k+ followers on her Instagram account. Now Laxmi Joshi was doing her job for her career and doing Instagram for her passion. Also, check Hananya Naftali Biography.


Laxmi Joshi is now unmarried and she has a boyfriend named Deepak Singh. She didn’t reveal it officially. Laxmi Joshi was now living in Delhi with her family. Her father’s name is Ranvijay Joshi and he is a RI. Laxmi Joshi’s mother’s name was Minaki Laxmi and she is a housewife. Laxmi Joshi has two younger brothers and their names were Rahul Joshi and Kartik Joshi. They both are now in their final year of B.arc.

Laxmi Joshi was a pilot and you may know that a pilot has to be fit before every flight. So Laxmi Joshi maintained her diet properly. Besides this, she has a very beautiful and sexy body. Her body measurements are 34-30-34. She has 34 inches of breast and her waist size was 30 inches. Laxmi Joshi’s bra size was 34 inches and her hips were 34 inches. Her hair color was brown and her eye color was black. Madrid and Amsterdam were the favorite places of Laxmi Joshi.


Laxmi Joshi was found on social media easily. She was very active on her social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. She has more than 400k+ followers on her Instagram account. You can follow her on her Instagram account for more live updates from Laxmi Joshi directly.


Laxmi Joshi’s main source of earning was from her job. She is a pilot and she flies the great B777 flight of Air India. Her salary was 3lakh rupees per month. Besides this, she was also able to make money from her Instagram account by promoting the brands directly.